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The Island


Lefkas is said to owe its name to its white ('lefkes' in Greek means white) beaches and the white cliffs of Cape Lefkatas. In one of his poems Menandros, the poet, mentions the legend of Sappho, the lyrical poet, who threw herself into the sea from these cliffs, when her beloved, rejected her love.

The fortresses of Lefkas, the prehistoric sites at Nydri and at Kalligoni, as well as the archaeological finds in the town's museum, witness the island’s history. According to the theory of the archaeologist W. Dorpfeld, Lefkas can be identified with the Homeric Ithaca.

Lefkas is the fourth largest of the Ionian Islands. The capital having the same name is the administrative, economic, commercial and cultural centre, where the International Folklore Festival takes place every summer, attracting thousands of guests from all over the world. As for those who prefer more intense rhythms the town of Lefkas and cosmopolitan Nydri are offering the best choice. The island of Lefkas, however, is primarily famous for the extraordinary beauty of its beaches. Green waters, steep rocks reaching the sea and endless white, sandy beaches, spreading among them, compose a wild but also gentle beauty.

The geographical position of Lefkas is considered to be its great advantage. A bridge only 50 meters long links the island to the main land, facilitating immediate approach to the airport of Aktio and other destinations.