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Maximum capacity: 250 yachts
Maximum overall Length: 25m. (Stern berthing)         
Maximum draught: 3m.

Welcome to the official website of Kalamata Marina in Peloponnesus. Through these pages we will introduce you to a beautiful and well organised marina in southern Greece and provide you with all the details which will ensure a pleasant arrival and stay.

Viewing the impressive mountain of Taigetus, Kalamata marina is situated literally next to the city’s centre and the main harbour, thus being an integral part of the town of Kalamata. So, guests of the marina are able to enjoy the life and the services being offered by the historical city of Kalamata.

Kalamata is a modern marina which has a capacity to accommodate 250 yachts with a maximum length of 25 meters and 3 meters draught. All berths are equipped with electricity and potable water.

There are dry docking facilities for about 150 boats, with a 60-ton travelift to facilitate the man?uvres of boats in and out of the water. The marina, cooperating with external technicians, offers a full range of technical services covering a wide range of maintenance and repair works.

Within the shore area surrounding the marina there are 860 sq.m. of building installations with a fair number of facilities providing various services for customers and guests, such as shops, offices, refreshment bars, a restaurant, offices for the rental of boats and cars, a fuel station, toilets and shower facilities.

The marina operates all year round. Upon your arrival you should contact the marina’s reception office on the VHF channel 69 in order to receive instructions. The marina’s friendly personnel will assist you with all arrival formalities.