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By yacht

If you plan to visit Corfu with your own boat, a pleasant journey awaits you, for which the following may prove useful. Please use them as general guideline:

Distances between the main Mediterranean ports and Gouvia Marina:

Monaco: 790 n.m.
Trieste: 510 n.m.
Venice: 500 n.m.
Zadar: 350 n.m.
Split: 290 n.m.
Dubrovnik: 190 n.m.
Bari: 173 n.m.
Brindisi : 114 n.m.
Zea Marina (Athens): 238 n.m.
Kalamata marina: 230 n.m.
Lefkas marina: 65 n.m.
Paxi islands : 34.n.m.

By air

The quickest way of reaching Corfu is by air. These days a number of domestic flights from Athens and Thessalonica take place on a daily basis all year round, with Olympic Airways and Aegean Airlines. The duration of the flight from either city is about 40 minutes.

International flights are scheduled throughout the year while during the summer period (April - October), there are many charter flights connecting Corfu directly with several European cities.

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By ship

When it comes to getting here by sea, there are a number of alternatives.
There are daily ferryboats connecting Corfu with Igoumenitsa, with timetables which change according to season.

Large ferries depart from Patras to Italy (Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Venice) and vice versa, usually with a stop at Corfu.

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By car

Driving from abroad to Corfu by car one reaches the Italian ports, from where it is necessary to continue by ferry.

From Athens, the distance is aproximately 550 km - 5 hours drive to Igoumenitsa, from where one takes the ferry to Corfu.