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Corfu, or the Island of the Phaeacians according to Homer, was in ancient times famous for the velocity of its vessels and the skill of its seamen. Its strategic position, being a bridge between the West and the East, lured many nations to attempt, and a few to achieve, the occupation of the island. Thus, the identity of the island has been affected by a lot of cultural influences, evidence of which can be seen today, such as the great number of impressive fortresses, historical Byzantine churches, monasteries and ancient monuments, recalling Corfu's brilliant past. Events, having been celebrated for hundreds of years, continue even today, in the same traditional way, like the litanies of St. Spiridon, the patron saint of Corfu, while in the summer time numerous festivals and events take place.

In contemporary Corfu you will find luxury hotels, traditional accommodation, as well as services equivalent to those of a modern city with an excellent infrastructure. With a golf club which has been praised as one of the best in the world, horse riding clubs, many tennis clubs, among which the oldest in Greece, cricket courts and a lot of water sports facilities, the island of Corfu has a lot to offer to the perspective visitor.

The International Airport and harbour link the island with the rest of the world on a daily basis.

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