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Yachting in the area


Yachting in the area is ideal.  To the northwest of Corfu lie the Diapontian Islands - Mathraki, Othonoi, and Erikoussa. The first of these is surrounded by shelving reefs and the approach is extremely difficult, making the island the most isolated of the group. The other two islands, however, can be considered as the first port of call for vessels approaching from the Adriatic and are thus well-frequented. Their rugged shores constitute a great attraction for nature-lovers. The area from Sidari to the Ag.Spiridon peninsula, forms shallow, sandy beaches, ideal for novice swimmers and beach games.

The northeast coast is ideal for exploring by boat, with its easy access to shore, and calm, warm waters. Kassiopi is a colourful harbour. In the 4th century B.C., this was an important Roman port, dedicated to the god Kassios Zeus, protector of seafarers. Between Kassiopi and Barbati the coastline is sculpted into a chain of small bays and coves, ideal moorings for all types of vessel. Agios Stefanos, Kouloura, Kalami, Agni are just a few of the place-names you will come across. The west coast of Corfu has the most variety. Its northern section, with a rugged, rocky coastline, is crowned by the cliffs of Palaiocastritsa, perfect for exciting underwater exploration, where the small harbour offers a safe anchorage and cosmopolitan entertainment. Further south, the landscape softens and there are endless beaches of golden sand lapped by an aquamarine sea. South of the town of Corfu and to the east, the shoreline is level and the shallow waters most suitable for swimming. Just before Kavos (Lefkimmi) is the small fishing harbour of Petreti, where a stop for a meal of freshly-caught fish is highly recommended.

The unique beauty of the coastline of Paxos is renowned throughout the Ionian. The natural harbours of Lakka, Gaios and Mongonisi teem with boats in the summer months. The importance of the anchorage they offer increases when the maestro blows and the microclimate is a refuge from the currents and the swell of the Paxos straits. The west coast of the island forms impressive cliffs with sea-caves and underwater caves which must be visited when the weather permits.

Anti-Paxos, while not offering any safe anchorage, is much visited for the fantastic beaches and aquamarine waters of its north-eastern coast.