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The northern Ionian is cut off from the rest of Greece and the characteristics of its climate are unique. Here the meltemi wind is unknown. On summer afternoons the maestro blows a north-westerly wind which, particularly on the eastern shore, rarely exceeds 4 Beaufort. In the evening, the wind drops. Corfu is renowned for its mild climate (sailors call its sea "holy") and many visitors - with or without their own boats - are drawn to spend their holidays here, far from the intense activity of the Aegean. Fanatical windsurfers will find their expectations well met by the Kassiopi area, by Agios Georgios (Pagi) and Agios Georgios Argyrades. Keen sailors should head a little further south, to the Paxos straits and beyond. Alternatively, there are the Diapontian Islands.

During the winter months the prevailing winds are from the south. They often exceed 8 Beaufort and can last for days, but the island is rarely completely cut off, thanks to the short distance from the mainland. Sailors will appreciate the characteristic feature of the southerly wind - to gather strength slowly, giving them a chance to take refuge in a safe harbour.


Month Air temperature Sea temperature Daily sunshine


5 - 14 °C ° 14 °C 4.1 hours


5.5- 14.2 °C 14 °C 4.6 hours
March 5.5- 14.2 °C 14 °C 4.6 hours
April 9.1- 19.1 °C 16 °C 7.8 hours
May 12.2- 23.6 °C 18 °C 9.6 hours
June 16 - 28 °C 21 °C 9.6 hours
July 18 - 31 °C 23 °C 12.5 hours
August 18.4- 31.5 °C 24 °C 11.2 hours
September 18.4- 31.5 °C 24 °C 11.2 hours
October 13 - 23.6 °C 21 °C 6.7 hours
November 10.2- 19.1 °C 18 °C 4.5 hours
December 7 - 15.7 °C 16 °C 3.2 hours