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The City


The historical town of Kalamata, built on the feet of the famous Taigetus Mountain and surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Messinian Gulf, is the most significant tourist, cultural, industrial, commercial and athletic centre of Messinia. Built on the ruins of the Homeric light houses, with a history documented from the times of Homer, Kalamata combines the modern present with the historical past.

The lively town having a very good tourist infrastructure offers many opportunities for a wonderful sightseeing tour. The town’s castle, the historic church of St Apostoli, where the Greek War of Independence against the Turks was formally declared in 1821, the folklore museum, and the Benaki mansion form the special features of Kalamata. Furthermore, Kalamata’s night life, its delicious local cuisine and the beautiful beaches awarded with the "Blue Flag" of Europe, promise an unforgettable stay.