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1. Vienna & Paris Boat Show

2. ICOMIA Marinas Committee meeting in Corfu

3. Junior Ambassador of Unicef Niky Frascisco in Gouvia Marina

4. 150-ton Travelift in Lefkas Marina

5. Zea marina fire and antipollution training

6. Zea marina: External sea wall works completed

7. 22nd Brindisi-Corfu Regata

8. GPS Boat Locator System

12 November 2008

Vienna & Paris Boat Show

 Every year we have been participating in the major international boat shows.  Following the successful presence in the Genoa boat show in October, you may find us in the following international boat shows:

Vienna Boat Show, 20-23/11/2008, Hall D -stand number D0708

Paris Boat Show, 5-14/12/2008, Hall 1- stand number L60



ICOMIA Marinas Committee meeting in Corfu

The second annual meeting of IMC (ICOMIA Marinas Committee) took place in Corfu on the 26th-28th of September, with great success.  The meeting was hosted by “K&G Med. Marinas Management S.A.”.

IMC, which is one of the nine (9) working committees of ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations), deals among others with issues related to marina management and operation such as safety, protection of the environment, evolution of new methods and practices etc.  The committee also prepares proposals to the European Parliament regarding the issuance and enactment of rules and regulations concerning the operation of marinas. 

As part of the side events of the meeting, “K&G Med. Marinas Management S.A.” organized a tour in Gouvia marina and also presented the other marinas (Lefkas, Zea, Kalamata) of the group, a two day sailing trip around the island and a tour at the old town which is included in UNESCO's World Heritage List .  The Mayor of Corfu, Mr. Micallef, honored with his presence the opening ceremony of the meeting.


Junior Ambassador of Unicef Niky Frascisco in Gouvia Marina

Niky Frascisco is a child that due to a breathing problem has to live most of his life at the sea.  Therefore, 5 years ago, his parents build on the backyard of their house "WALKIRYE" a 26 meter boat and since then they live on the sea.  At this very moment,  Niky and his parents are with "WALKIRYE" hosted by Gouvia marina in Corfu.  During their stay in the marina, many children from the local schools have visited Niky.  You may read the full story of Niky in the following link :


150-ton Travelift in Lefkas Marina

Lefkas marina has upgraded its technical services by purchasing a new 150-ton travelift.  There were already a 70-ton Travelift and a 60-ton mobile crane to lift and launch the boats in and out of the water.  The marina offers a full range of technical services and there are dry docking facilities for approximately 300 boats.


Zea marina fire and antipollution training

Zea marina organised a large scale fire and antipollution exercise within its installations.  The aim was to keep readiness and training levels of the crew at a high standard.  The whole training was supervised by Mr. M. Aggelopoulos, head of the Marine Environment Protection Department of "Metopi Environment Protection Consultants" (


Zea marina: External sea wall works completed

Restoration works of the external sea wall of the marina have come to an end.  The wall was seriously damaged almost 3 years ago due to a very heavy storm where a tsunami of big waves up to 12 meters managed to break part of it.  The works included the reconstruction of the broken part and reinforcement and maintenance of the external part of the whole wall.   Thus, the non used berths of the south pier are available and in use again, ready to host transit or permanent vessels.


22nd Brindisi-Corfu Regata

For one more year, the sailing clubs of the two cities organised the Brindisi-Corfu Regata.  The 102 yachts participating had to cover a distance of 104n.m.  before arriving at the finish line in Gouvia marina. The race started on the 4th of June from Brindisi and the finish was in Gouvia marina on the 6th of June.  The award ceremony and a beautiful party was held at the swimming pool - garden of the marina.


GPS Boat Locator System

Track your boat - Manage your fleet - obtain desirable information
Install the GPS anywhere in your boat fast and easy. The small metal box (15x10x4cm) consists of a GPS unit, a GSM unit with microcontroller and software.  The device is connected to the battery of the boat.  Lock a territory, if your boat moves out of that territory you are automatically sent an SMS to your mobile phone.Should you desire to locate your boat, at any time, just send an SMS to your boat and it will reply with the geographical coordinates and cruising speed.

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