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1. Renovation works in Gouvia, Lefkas and Zea marinas.

2. New record of incoming boats in Lefkas marina

3. European Maritime Day

4. Adidas open run in Zea marina

5. Lefkas Trail Run

6. August concert in Gouvia marina

16 November 2015

Renovation works in Gouvia, Lefkas and Zea marinas.
Our facilties are being greatly improved.  An entended program of renovation works is being carried out in Zea, Gouvia and Lefkas marinas.  The works include the full reconstruction of all sanitaries units, landscaping upgrade, CCTV systems, gardening, new signage plan, arrangement of the entrances etc.
Moreover, a new faster WI-FI network has been installed in Gouvia and Lefkas marinas which has been carefully designed to meet the increased needs of all our customers. 


New record of incoming boats in Lefkas marina

A new record of moored yachts has  been set this August in Lefkas marina.  A total of 767 yachts were moored on the 8th of August.  Lefkas has always been on of the best yachting destinations in Greece.  The additional international flights and connection with Athens to Aktio airport this year have facilitated the arrival to Lefkas.  Lefkas has always been one of the most important yachting destinations in Greece as the yachting envirnomet is one of the most beautiful worldwide attracting all the major charter companies and yachts from all over the world.


European Maritime Day

The European Maritime Day was established by the European Union and is celebrated every year in May, in order to emphasize the vital role of the sea in the lives of citizens and to raise visibility of maritime sectors. 

The main event is the European Maritime Day Conference, held in a different region each year. This platform welcomes Europe's growing maritime community, with industry professionals from across the EU joining policymaker to discuss, debate and exchange best practises. Participants come from ports, shipping industries, clusters, environmental associations, trade unions, scientific and research institutions, education, and local, regional, national and European authorities, amongst others.

Every year, events take place in a different city - port of the European Union and Piraeus were the honored city for 2015.  With more than 100 thematic actions in 65 places in the city and 70 participants, the citizens of Piraeus, guests and tourists had the opportunity to see through many activities the city and well know attractions.
In the context of European Maritime Day celebration, some events took place in Marina Zea, such as:
• Remote control yacht racing (modelism)
• Yoga Training
• Marine water purification Simulation
• Yacht beauty contest
• Underwater works demonstration
• Swimming games - revival of the first modern Olympic Games

For more information concerning EMD please see here


Adidas open run in Zea marina

On the 13th of August took place the 3rd ADIDAS OPEN RUN of the year with starting and finishing point the Nautical Museum of Greece in Zea marina. The sporting event was organized by the company Running Net on behalf of ADIDAS while similar events have taken place in the past and in other areas such as the center of Athens, Faliro, the Olympic Stadium and Park Tritsi.  There were more than 800 people of all ages who participated and had the opportunity to run next to the sea and the most beautiful parts of Piraeus filling the city and the marina with energy and rhythm.


Lefkas Trail Run

Lefkas marina has been a major sponsor of Lefkas Train Run.  The run is organised by the Association of Professionals and Nikiana Environmental Protection. 

The race took place on the Skari mountain The 300 participants had the opportunity to discover one of the rarest and most beautiful oak tree forests.  The purpose of the race is not only to give recognition to the rare oak tree forest but also to protect it and raise awareness.

Total length of the race route is 22km.  The majority of the route passes through artificial paths, rural streets, traditional settlements and historical monuments and monasteries.


August concert in Gouvia marina

On the 8th of August a beautiful concert was organised in Gouvia marina.  Boat owners and guests from all over the island had the opportunity to listen to the music of the singer Vasilis Gisdakis the last singer of Manos Chatzidakis and one of the most important of the island of Corfu.